AAA Credit Rating

Reliable and Solvent with Good Management of Affairs

Bisnode has issued an AAA credit rating for Medanets. This is the highest rating on a seven-step rating scale. Only a handful of Finnish companies has the highest rating.

When awarding contracts, an economic question at least as significant as the one of price is whether the tenderer is able to deliver what it promises. Does the company that has submitted a good tender have the economic capacities to redeem its promise? One has to be able to reliably evaluate the economic situation of a company that has submitted a tender. The references tell their own message about the security of supply and the quality of service or product, but an up-to-date credit rating issued by an external evaluator, such as Bisnode, will provide the best picture of the supplier’s economy.

A company’s credit rating depicts the company’s ability to meet its economic obligations. The credit rating of a company with an AAA credit rating is excellent, and the credit risk is less than average.

An AAA rating guarantees that Medanets is a solvent and reliable cooperation partner that is able to offer what it promises.

Highest creditworthiness 2020

Bisnode is Europe’s leading provider of digital business information and developer of the original AAA rating of companies. Bisnode has defined the rating of nearly every active company doing normal business.