Up-to-date data with better accuracy and reliability

Real-time patient data recording enables better decision making in accordance with the latest patient data. Point-of-care documentation also eliminates double entries and the drawbacks of these.

More than 1,680,000 entries are made through the Medanets App each month.

This means time savings of +40,000 hours.

Proven and tangible benefits

Improved care quality:

  • Observation values and other data are recorded into the right place at once without double entries,
  • Observation values and measurements are immediately accessible to other healthcare professionals,
  • Observation values and other data are always recorded on the spot directly into the specified patient data, thereby ensuring that the data goes into the right patient’s journal,
  • Point-of-care documentation leaves more time for personally monitoring the patient’s condition and observing any discrepancy between the measurement result and personal observation,
  • Point-of-care documentation supports faster observation of any changes in the patient’s condition,
  • The observer sees the corresponding earlier observation value before entering the new one,
  • An irregular new observation will immediately show any change that has taken place,
  • An irregular new observation helps to suspect measurement error.

Improved patient safety:

  • Error entries are reduced by an average of 75%,
  • Data is always up to date and available to other healthcare professionals,
  • Electronic identification of both the patient and the user enhances data reliability.

Significant time savings:

  • Point-of-care documentation and the elimination of double entries provide significant time savings of up to 180 hours per ward per month.

Increased job satisfaction:

  • The work of healthcare professionals becomes more meaningful as routine tasks are automated and time is freed for taking care of the patient.

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