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  • Avoid Risk, Avoid Damage

    Preventive measures make the most effective way of avoiding risks in human and economic terms. Recurring risk assessment takes its time, but considerably less in terms of cost than having the risk materialise....Read more »
  • Mobile Photos Used for Fast Remote Consultations, Let’s Also Do It Data-Securely

    Smartphones can be used to take and share clinical photos. However, photos of a patient cannot be taken or distributed without taking the correct information security measures....Read more »
  • How Can Thousands of Mobile Devices and Their Features Be Implemented in Hundreds of Wards?

    Utilizing mobile devices in hospitals is in line with behavior associated with the technology of today. Bringing mobile devices into the hospital environment for the first time is not an easy task, however. This article describes how Medanets solutions are introduced in wards and how they are customized for......Read more »
  • Closed Loop Medication Administration: Electronic Verification of “the Five Rights”

    “The five rights”: This is how many things should go right in order to be able to ascertain proper medication treatment. If you wish to put closed loop medication administration in order, electronic verification should be used to ascertain “the five rights”....Read more »
  • Digital Caregivers Talk about Their Mobile Experiences

    The Hospital District of Southwest Finland has been using Medanets mobile point-of-care solutions since 2015. Now the users of these mobile solutions, or digital caregivers, are talking about the suitability of mobile tools to their care giving routines....Read more »
  • What to Do When the Electronic Health Record Goes Down?

    Electronic Health Records have enabled significant change to the healthcare system as patient data can be found in aggregated electronic form instead of among piles of paper. But what happens when such systems crash? Will the whole foundation of patient safety crash?...Read more »
  • Early Warning Score Improves Patient’s Prognosis

    Most in-hospital adverse events, such as heart failures, emergency transfers from inpatient wards to intensive care units and unexpected deaths, are not sudden events . Up to 80% of in-hospital adverse events are preceded by hours of critical disorders of the basic vital functions . These functional disorders are......Read more »
  • Real-Time Data Is Vital to Patient Safety

    In many respects, patient safety means that care staff have immediate access to the necessary data whenever they need it in order to provide high-quality care. This means immediate access to data that is essential for care and that the data is in accessible form, at the same time ascertaining......Read more »
  • The Myth of Healthcare IT Projects

    Discussions about the public IT projects of healthcare easily give the impression that such projects always fail . Either the schedule or the budget fails and the results are not of the kind that was sought. It seems to be common knowledge that the development of healthcare processes......Read more »
  • Mobile Filing: A Transformation in Healthcare Processes

    The world changes and so do habits. Our healthcare systems should offer care of the highest quality by utilizing modern methods. This includes the ability to respond better to our healthcare needs, technological development and the special competences required by our systems. Thus, transformation is necessary from time to......Read more »

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