Better patient care with more than 10 years of experience

At Medanets, we have always believed that user-friendly mobile solutions can improve care quality and patient safety. This, in turn, leaves healthcare professionals more time for taking care of the patient, which is most important of all.

We continue to believe this, but now we are also able to demonstrate the accuracy of the benefits together with our customers. View our references here.

Thanks to more than ten years of research and product development, experience and dozens of case projects, we can now say that we are the market leader of the industry in Finland. As more and more Finnish hospitals and health care centres are introducing Medanets, the company business is growing throughout the other Nordic countries as well.


Caring about our customers – caring about patients

Medanets solutions are developing and transforming healthcare processes and procedures. Medanets is helping to save more lives.


  • Improved care quality
  • Makes data available in real time
  • Minimizes human error
  • Facilitates the actual work

Learn about our solutions

Medanets mobiiliratkaisut

Keeping it on schedule and within budget: peace of mind for the customer

We always set the bar high, not accepting mediocracy. That is why we promise to conduct all our partnerships with reliability, faithfulness, fairness and ambition, building long-term partnerships with our customers and cooperation companies.

Medanets solutions are always customized to customer needs and carried out in the best possible way.

One of our key value propositions is for agreed matters to be processed in the agreed manner. During the last three years, we have carried out 95% of our customer implementations on schedule and within budget. Not everything always goes according to plan, but that is precisely where our value system and operations can be evaluated. We are there to help the customer in every situation—especially in a challenging one. We wish to change the industry and the basic perceptions within it. Public IT procurement can be successful and this we are proving over and over again.

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