Medanets & Hospital District of South Ostrobothnia

The Hospital District of South Ostrobothnia is making caregiving easier through mobile solutions across the central hospital.

The Hospital District of South Ostrobothnia has been using Medanets mobile point-of-care application already since 2012. Today, the hospital district is using the app across the Seinäjoki Central Hospital. Furthermore, Medanets automatic data transferring has been integrated to the app enabling to transfer patient monitor data automatically into the EHR.

These solutions help to make the work of caregivers easier and more streamlined. Work becomes easier and more streamlined when patient data can be recorded and seen immediately while with the patient, without double documenting.

Detecting warning signs of deteriorating patient

The hospital district was among the first ones to introduce the new features of the Medanets application: Early Warning Score (EWS) (other EWS variations such as NEWS, MEWS and PEWS are supported as well) and pain treatment monitoring entries. These features have been developed together with caregivers. The suggestions for development received from the caregivers are being taken into account and responded to in the way the application functions. The main thing is to develop the solution so that it will function with the caregiving processes as seamlessly as possible.

With the new caregiving practice, IT was requested by the Intensive Care Unit to provide a solution for the need for EWS documentation. The technical solution of Medanets complemented the application components acquired previously in just the right way. The adaptability of EWS to the required documentation parameters gives the right kind of support to caregivers and physicians making treatment decisions.

-Markku Stenman, Data system manager, Hospital District of South Ostrobothnia

The Hospital District of South Ostrobothnia has piloted the EWS feature since late 2016, beginning first at two units, the Emergency Unit and the Abdominal Surgery Unit. Now the hospital district is expanding the use of EWS to other units as well. As for pain treatment monitoring and patient monitor entries, these have been introduced at several units already in 2014.

Comments by caregivers about Medanets application

”It makes caregiving faster and easier when you don’t have to enter measurements anywhere else.”

”It’s precise, it’s quick. Data gets transferred with a single click.”

“Using it is fast and easy. You don’t even have to count the points yourself.”

”The application provides guidance according to our directions. We can change these if necessary in collaboration with Medanets.”

”The same measured parameter values are transferred to EHR for other uses as well.”

”EHR displays the measurement results trend.”

”The application displays the patient’s previous measurement result as well. As a caregiver, you can compare this with what you just measured and see the trend between the two measurements immediately.”

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