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Medanets mobile point-of-care solutions are widely used at Hospital District of Southwest Finland and Turku University Hospital.

Hospital District of Southwest Finland uses Medanets point-of-care solutions in more than 46 wards, or practically throughout all the hospital district’s spheres of responsibility. More than 190 000 entries are made each month saving thousands of hours for actual patient care. The first implementations took place during 2015 and 2016.

Data into the right place at once

The customer’s main objective was to improve care quality and reduce disadvantages of processing data multiple times. "At Hospital District of Southwest Finland, we’ve been exploring and experimenting with point-of-care documentation solutions. With Medanets solutions we can improve the quality of treatment and free the working time spent on multiple processing of data,” says Pirkko Kortekangas, chief medical information officer at Hospital District of Southwest Finland.

With Medanets point-of-care solutions, anyone treating a patient can view and enter patient data directly into the Electronic Health Record with a smartphone or tablet. With Medanets solutions, patients’ measurement results processed by patient monitoring systems can be transferred quickly and easily into the Electronic Health Record as well.

Medanets has made entering observation values noticeably faster, and all data is now available in real time during the doctor’s rounds. Working has changed in that you no longer have to carry a pile of papers around for entering values and wonder later where you put them. Medanets reduces double entries significantly.

-Jarno Uutela, Registered nurse, Turku University Hospital

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Error entries are reduced

"With Medanets solutions, whoever is treating the patient can always view an earlier corresponding observation value before entering a new observation value. Changes can be noted and responded to immediately. Mobile solutions also reduce the number of incorrect entries. The data is always up-to-date, immediately available at the right place and also accessible by anyone participating in the treatment remotely," Kortekangas continues.

The Hospital District of Southwest Finland is also the first Finnish special healthcare operator to introduce point-of-care mobile medication functionality — the functionality is already used throughout the Turku University Hospital. Through this functionality, browsing patient medications and recording their administration can be accomplished in the patient’s room via smartphone at once.

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