Medanets & Pirkanmaa Hospital District

Pirkanmaa Hospital District has widely introduced mobile point-of-care application throughout the whole hospital district.

Pirkanmaa Hospital District (PHD) uses Medanets application extensively, enabling easy, wireless transfers of patient measurement results to the Electronic Health Record. Observations made and measurements taken are immediately visible to other care staff as well. The essential thing is for caregivers to have more time for the crucial task of giving care to patients.

I think identifying patients and recording measurements with a smartphone is fast and fail-safe. Medanets Helpdesk responds quickly 24/7, and that’s a really big help in the event of any problems.

-Tommi Heino, Registered Nurse, Tampere University Hospital

Mobile documentation since 2011

Pirkanmaa Hospital District has been using Medanets mobile point-of-care documentation since 2011 at Heart Hospital, in Musculoskeletal Disease Surgery Outpatient Clinic (TULES) areas and Valkeakoski Hospital. The pilot of the solution’s newest version began in the beginning of June 2016 at two units, namely Kidney Center and Internal Medicine Emergency Unit. As the solutions began to run smoothly, the hospital district extended their use to more than 50 wards.

The software architect of Istekki Oy (Pirkanmaa Hospital District’s expert organization), Ari Ruuth, says commissioning has proceeded very well and that the collaboration between various actors has been splendid. He continues by saying that the warm welcome from employees was noticed already in the early stage of commissioning. For instance, he was tugged by the sleeve in the corridor just to have someone say, “This is so cool!” After just a brief introduction to the solution, you already know how to use it, and it’s also easy to teach to colleagues. We’ve had positive comments irrespective of age or gender.

Whenever there’s new technology at stake, you get some prejudice regarding usability. All that melted away quickly, however, when the application was opened, and people were able to see how it works.

-Ari Ruuth, Software Architect, Istekki Oy

Connections to patient monitoring systems

At Pirkanmaa Hospital District, more than 50 patient monitoring locations are connected to the Medanets solution. In this way, patient measurement results can be transferred wirelessly from the monitoring system to the EHR.

According to calculations on saved time made by the Acuta unit of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District in 2013, nurses saved 17 seconds per measured parameter with the Medanets Monitored Patients functionality. The gross savings at an inpatient ward where 500 monitor entries per day are made is about 100 hours per month, for example.

New perspectives on care processes

Pasi Kymäläinen, the other software architect at PHD, says he is very satisfied that the mobile solution bringing new perspective supports care processes and quality assurance. Mobile documentation has brought benefits, for instance, by its real-time speed and by the fact that it does save time.

PHD has been further expanding mobile solution access since 2017. For instance, it has integrated the Early Warning Score (EWS) with the solution. Bringing the EWS score documentation to mobile devices automates the score calculation and ensures that up-to-date information is available quickly to everyone participating in the patient’s care, supporting the decision-making process. At the Tampere University Hospital, the number of patients annually provided with NEWS monitoring through the Medanets solution exceeds 45,000.

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