Medanets & Satakunta Hospital District

Medanets application for caregivers has been introduced to Satakunta Hospital District.

With Medanets mobile point-of-care solution we supplied to Satakunta Hospital District in 2015, physiological observation values on the patient’s condition can be recorded directly from the patient’s bedside into the hospital’s Electronic Health Record with a mobile device.

In addition, more than 20 patient monitoring locations were connected to this solution. In this way, patient measurement results can be transferred wirelessly from the monitoring system to the EHR.

Point-of-care documentation actively used

Today, the Medanets app is being used across the Satakunta Central Hospital. Mobile documentation reduces incorrect entries significantly, streamlining care processes as double entries are eliminated, and ensures that the data is always up to date and available to all users.

The implementations have been successful on schedule and within budget. The solutions are being used actively, in practice, with an utilisation rate of 100 percent.

-Leena Ollonqvist, CIO, Satakunta Hospital District.

After the first few years, the Satakunta Hospital District expanded the use of Medanets application. In addition to recording observation values and monitor values, the mobile application is now also utilized to assess the patient's risk status. Medanets application automates the calculation of the risk score (Braden, Falls Risk Assessment Tool, Early Warning Score), shows the corresponding operating guidelines, and records the risk score directly into the Electronic Health Record.

The caregiving is streamlined as the nurse is able to perform more and more information-intensive tasks on the same mobile device. The mobile device goes along with the caregiver leaving more time to interact with the patient.

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