Medanets & The Lapland Hospital District

The Lapland Central Hospital Emergency Clinic is utilizing the Medanets application for real-time recording of patient data, but also for automatic data transfers from patient monitors. Parameters recorded with the application can also be viewed right next to the patient.

The Lapland Central Hospital is the only hospital to use the Esko Electronic Health Record, which utilizes the mobile solution already used elsewhere in Finland. In Finland, more than 1.5 million point-of-care documentations are made monthly with the Medanets mobile application.

More reliable storage of patient data

In Autumn 2018, the mobile implementations done in the Lapland Central Hospital Emergency Clinic were well received.

The introduction of the application has started promisingly. Now we get the parameters stored into Esko system more reliably and more often.

-Outi Tikkanen, head nurse, Lapland Central Hospital

Before the implementation of the new application, nurses working in the Lapland Central Emergency Clinic had to leave the patients’ room and go to the registry to enter the patient's data into the Electronic Health Record. As a result of the additional information work, nurses had less time to treat patients.

Information work wirelessly while attending patients

The Electronic Health Record can now be accessed through a mobile connection, which allows for more uninterrupted care work without having to move back and forth making double entries. Being able to record patient data with a smartphone also relieves the nursing staff from having to queue to use the computer or to wait for the computer to start.

The nurses at the Emergency Clinic made over 600 daily mobile entries into the Esko Electronic Health Record.

The ability to record and browse data while simultaneously attending patients results in smarter decision-making and improved patient care. When the patient's health data is available in real time for the professional caregivers, changes to the patient's condition can be reacted to quickly.

Nurses can continue using the application even if the Electronic Health Record crashes or network problems occur - data recorded with the application are immediately updated to the right location when the problem ends.

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