Patient data at the bedside

Medanets mobile point-of-care application makes patient data available in real time, eliminating double entries and the drawbacks of these.

“The caregiver is there for the patient, not for the computer.”

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How does it work?

Browsing and recording patient data can be performed in real-time via smart device while with the patient. Data is transferred directly into the Electronic Health Record of the hospital or healthcare centre.

The Medanets App has excellent performance also in dead spots and with interrupted connections.


What can you do with the mobile application?

  • Vitals and other physiological measures, fluids
  • Medication browsing and administrating entries
  • Early Warning Score (EWS)
  • Pain treatment monitoring entries
  • Risk analyses and forms
  • Connections to patient monitoring systems
  • Prioritized monitoring of own patients
  • Documentation by home patients
  • Patient card
  • Care activities
  • Offline work mode
  • Electronic identification

Taking the usability of existing systems to a new level

Medanets is not bringing the customer a discrete new system to run parallel with all the other systems, but integration with the customer’s existing systems. Thus, allowing the systems to be used more easily, effectively and safely.

Currently, our solutions are integrated with all the leading Electronic Health Records in Finland, several Scandinavian systems and the most commonly used patient monitoring systems.

Medanets hoitotyön mobiilisovellus

Learn how Medanets solutions are being implemented in hundreds of wards and how they can be customized »

"Whenever there’s new technology at stake, you get some prejudice regarding usability. All that melted away quickly, however, when the Medanets App was opened and people were able to see how it works."

- Ari Ruuth, Software Architect, Istekki Oy

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Medanets App experiences

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