Current: Turku University Hospital Is Piloting Medanets for Patients

Turku University Hospital is piloting Medanets for Patients allowing haemodialysis patients to make measurements by themselves in their homes.

The pilot involves five home patients of which three have already begun using the solution. The care staff and Planner of the Hospital District of Southwestern Finland personally trained the home patients in the use of the solution. In training, patients receive a mobile device as well as written instructions to take along with them. The immediate feedback received in the teaching situations has brought out the ease of the solution as mobile documentation reduces twiddling with papers.

At home, the patients have a smartphone on loan with a secure connection to the hospital environment. They proceed to enter their measurement results, which are transmitted onto the Medanets server at the Hospital and the Uranus care chart by utilising the existing integration interface. Entries made by the patients are marked as quantities of their own, whereby these can be distinguished from the measurements taken by caregivers. Patients are able to view their own personal values only along with instructions for using the dialysis equipment, as defined for them by the dialysis unit.

Doctors and nurses are pleased with the pilot since the data recorded by the patient is available for real-time viewing by the professionals participating in the care of the patient.

Riitta Danielsson-Ojala, Planner, Hospital District of Southwest Finland

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