Medanets Goes to the Most Digital Deed of the Year Competition Finals

The finalists of the Most Digital Deed of the Year Competition, hosted by Atea, have been chosen. Medanets is also among them!

For the final round of the Most Digital Deed of the Year Competition, the jury, comprised of highly qualified experts, chose from the Public Administration and the Enterprise categories respectively three candidates, who are making a positive contribution to their users’ work, business operations, and society as a whole.

A Must-have Tool of the Hospital World

More effective anticipation of incidents and more time for the patients. The intermediate stages and dangerous delays of data transfers can be eliminated when patient data is recorded directly via the Medanets application while with the person in need.

Medanets is a big help in daily nursing. Among the biggest benefits of the application (in addition to its ease of use) are the time savings, which can be spent on patient care instead of double documentation. We’re here specifically for people. We can view the patient’s values together with the patient, going through what they mean in terms of his or her treatment.

-Jenni Siekkinen, Project Worker, IT Management, Central Finland Health Care District

Even though a pen and paper are still our stiffest competition, digitalization applies to the hospital world as well. When we began, Medanets was something nice to have for the nurses. Now it has become a must-have: an important tool, which can save human lives.

-Juha-Matti Ranta, CEO, Medanets

The competition winners will be decided by a public vote.

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