Reinforcement to the Medanets Service & Delivery Team

The Medanets Service & Delivery Team gained more resources when Tommi Kähkönen joined the crew in May.

Medanets solutions are already accessed by more than 30 hospitals and a number of health centres in Finland and Sweden. The use of our solutions is expanding to new wards, but also through new features. During this year, for example, 15 Medanets implementations have already been carried out.

Tommi Kähkönen’s involvement in the Service & Delivery team allows end-user training to run smoothly even as our operations grow.

A Welfare Technology Engineer with an Eye for Humour

Tommi is a trained welfare technology engineer with strong competence in working between the customer and the product development team, adapting the product to the needs of the customer and training end-users to use the product. Tommi has previous work experience, for instance, as a product engineer for hearing accessibility and a specialized professional at a hospital.

The outcome of the work must be exact; it has to be functional and it must meet the customer’s needs. I do hope the work atmosphere allows for a bit of a twinkle in your eye, however. It’s good to have some humour in the house. A cheerful employee is easy to approach and customer cooperation with such a person runs the best.

-Tommi Kähkönen, Service and Delivery Specialist, Medanets

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