Where to Meet Us Next Spring?

In spring 2020 you can meet us at the following events:

Digital Health Nordic, 21.-22.1.2020 | Helsinki*

Head Nurse & Nursing Manager Days, 28.-29.1.2020 | Tampere

ArabHealth, 27.-30.1.2020 | Dubai*

Innovation for Health, 12.-13.2.2020 | Rotterdam

Cerner European Collaboration Forum, 25.-27.2.2020 | Lontoo

HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, 9.-13.3.2020 | Orlando, FL*

Future Hospital, 24.-25.3.2020 | Helsinki*

Nursing Congress & Exhibition, 25.-26.3.2020 | Helsinki

Medanets User Days, 2.-3.4.2020 | Tampere

DMEA, 21.-23.4.2020 | Berlin

Social & Healthcare ICT Conference, 11.-13.5.2020 | Turku

Vitalis, 5.-7.5.2020 | Göteborg

Neuroscience Nurse Days, 14.-15.5.2020 | Kuopio

HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference, 26.-28.5.2020 | Helsinki

 *The Medanets crew will be present without a booth. To ensure meeting us, please arrange an appointment in advance:

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