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The Medanets mobile solutions have been developed based on customer centricity. Our key focus areas are patient safety, workflow efficiency, cost reduction and provider experience. Every feature and characteristic of the app is designed to make healthcare work easier by reducing the burden of documentation and duplication, and delivering efficient decision making.

The app releases time to care. It helps healthcare professionals to save lives. 

All the app’s features and their content, such as terminology, threshold values and nursing instructions, are customisable according to the customer’s needs and wishes.

Medanets observation values

Observation values

Implementing the observation values feature on an inpatient ward gives up to 100 hours of extra time for actual nursing.Read description

Early Warning Score (EWS)

The EWS feature helps to identify a patient’s deteriorating condition immediately, which saves lives.

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The medication feature reduces harm and improves efficiency in medication administration.

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Medanets patient card

Patient card

The feature provides an overview of key demographics and clinical data to enable more holistic and contextual awareness of the patient.

The feature permits the user to view a patient’s basic demographic and clinical information, such as diagnosis, allergies, patient alerts/risks and lab results. The patient card also contains the contact information of the patient’s next of kin, who can be called directly from the app.

Medanets risk assessment forms

Clinical forms

The clinical forms feature allows easy bedside nursing documentation. Read description

Monitored patients

Integration with patient monitoring systems allows information to be transferred directly to the Electronic Health Record. This reduces documenting errors and saves hundreds of working hours.

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Clinical photos

The bedside clinical photography feature enhances clinical outcomes, and simplifies consulting and treatment.

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Medanets electronic identification

Electronic identification

In the app, both patient and nurse are always identified securely.

Our user authentication and authorisation leverages the customer’s infrastructure and the existing login credentials of the Electronic Health Record. We align with customers’ single sign-on solutions. Patient identification is made secure, using integrated barcode scanning, while patient lists are also on hand.

Care activities

Care activities

The care activities feature enables nurses to have an electronic list of activities in their pocket, driven dynamically from the Electronic Health Record. Read description


An instant messaging tool specifically designed for clinical use.

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Admin UI

Implementation and customisation of the app and compiling real-time reports is easy.

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Medanets features offline

Offline mode

With Medanets, network shortages do not compromise care: the app works offline.

After authentication, the app features and capabilities are available offline. The app allows documentation in the offline mode and syncs data when the network connection is restored. The app supports a smooth nursing workflow in all situations.