We revolutionise the work of healthcare professionals

We have developed the best nursing app, and our customer statements testify to this. It helps improve patient safety, quality of care and work satisfaction. The app gives professionals more time for the most important task, which is caring for the patients.

The largest hospital district in the Nordic countries, 15 Finnish hospital districts, a Norwegian hospital district and several health centres are among our customers. Our customers find in us an open and trustworthy partner. We see to it that the implementation of the app goes as we planned together – in the last five years, we have performed 95% of implementations according to the agreed schedule and budget.

Medanets in numbers

  • We employ 30 people
  • Turnover in 2020: €2.7m.
  • The mobile app is being used in nearly 20 hospital districts, 40 hospitals and 10 health centres
  • In a single month, information is documented more than 2 million times using the app.
Kaksi sairaanhoitajaa katsovat toisen puhelinta

Failure only made us stronger

One morning back in 2013, we received a shocking message. We had just lost the first national public call for tenders on a healthcare app. We had lost even though the call for tenders seemed made for us. It was a very difficult moment for us all.

Our company’s story begins in 2004, when wireless innovations were being sought for a project led by Oulu University Hospital. We had expertise in both the mobile phone and medical device sectors, as well as many ideas about the tools that could be developed for healthcare.

One of our many ideas rose above the others:

We noticed that the nursing staff recorded the patient’s information first on paper and then again on the computer. This observation revealed poor duplicative work processes, leading to inefficient care. We began to develop a mobile solution to help improve the work practices and challenges we had observed.

We presented the idea for a mobile app in 2008, and it was received with enthusiasm. We found many pilot customers, but had to work very hard to prove the solution’s benefits to customers. In 2011, the hospital district of Eastern Finland and Hämeenlinna Central Hospital were the first to start using our app.

We thought that we had already made our breakthrough and were on a clear run to success. We had grown significantly for the first time, and confidence was very high. Losing the bid reminded us of reality. It forced us to examine our plans and actions with a critical eye and clarify our values.

Kaksi sairaanhoitajaa kävelevät käytävällä

We operate in a field in which you can find and make up numerous excuses for not succeeding at something. We know that things are impossible if we want to see them as such. That’s why we think differently. We build strong partnerships, because together even impossible things become doable.

Now we know that we wouldn’t be here if we hadn’t failed before. Without failure, we wouldn’t have developed the best nursing app.