We help healthcare professionals to save lives

At Medanets, we work every day to ensure that everyone receives the best possible care when they need it. Our job is to transform the everyday life of healthcare professionals – to make it better than before. The best possible care helps to save lives.

During the last few years, Medanets has grown a lot as a company. Following that growth, we have got about 20 new colleagues. There is not enough room for all of us around the same coffee table at the same time anymore, but we value the open atmosphere we have – we spend time together and share news on how our company is doing. We ask our colleagues regularly what we could do better and work on the challenges we face. Every Friday, we raise a toast to the past week together.

The Medanets family consists of many kinds of personalities that share the same values. We build potential customer relationships for years and redeem our promises every day. We aim high, but we are not looking for quick wins – we really want to transform nursing care. We do a job where everyone can see the value of their skills and knowledge – every single day.

Doing a job you love, and being part of a professional community where you feel good is a great strength. That is something all of us should strive for, and that is something that is definitely worth everyone’s effort.

Juha-Matti Ranta, CEO, Medanets

Our workmates’ well-being is our top priority

A nice working environment and people that feel good in it are the cornerstone of our success. When the people feel well, they also do their work well. This shows as customer happiness, successful projects, and sustainable customer relationships.

This is how we take care of our people

Bonus system

Every employee is in our bonus system.

Further education

We want our employees to develop themselves, their knowledge and skills further, because we aim to stay at the top.

Occupational health service

The occupational health service is available for your use also at nights and weekends.

Flexible working hours

The working hours are flexible according to the employee’s own and the current work situation. Together, we make sure that in the long term, 7.5-hour days are enough. You can influence the time of day you do your work.

Work remotely or in the office

You can choose to work remotely or in the office. We hope that you’ll visit the office a couple of days a week to keep the teamwork running smoothly and the Medanets spirit great.

Modern tools

The tools we work with are first-class. At Medanets, everyone can influence our purchases.


One 45-minute massage a month is included in the working hours.


We offer you a mobile phone with a subscription.


Lunch vouchers are part of our everyday life. Lunch is, after all, the most important meal of the day!


Every employee gets a personal sports and recereation benefit. We also put a lot of money to the side for fun times together.


We regularly organise events outside the working hours.


Our employees have the possibility to lease a bike for their own use. Medanets covers half of the monthly leasing fee and pays the administration costs.


At best, life is smooth sailing. But if you hit sharp edges (and even if you don’t), Auntie’s solution-oriented service packages are up for grabs.

Would you like to get on board to transform nursing care?

When we recruit new team members, the question is not only if they are the right people for us, but also if we are the right employer for them. The job description should feel right for them and they should find the work motivating. When working with us, everyone gets to develop their job description, their knowledge and skills in the direction they want to go.

We are very eager to hear about you and your skills! We are happy to receive your open application. Unfortunately, we cannot offer internships at the moment.

Please also take a look at our privacy policy in recruitment.