A New Intended Use for Mobile Documentation in the Central Finland Health Care District

A New Intended Use for Mobile Documentation in the Central Finland Health Care District

The Central Finland Health Care District has expanded the use of Medanets solutions. During 2017, access was expanded to new units and some new features were also introduced. In addition to these changes, a new intended use for mobile documentation was discovered.

Central Finland Health Care District (CFHCD) utilises Medanets app in psychiatric care by recording electroconvulsive therapy given to a patient via smartphone. In this way, the data is available in real-time to the healthcare professionals participating in the treatment anytime and anywhere. Previously, the data was passed along in the units on paper, carried in a binder located in the nurse’s tote. The data was later re-recorded by computer into the Electronic Health Record. Now that data is recorded and carried along through a mobile device app, nurses can abandon the binders.

Psychiatric electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a treatment method that is mainly used to treat seriously depressed patients. The recording need of this kind of treatment is similar to that of many other treatments; only the parameters differ. The parameters that are recorded for psychiatric electroconvulsive therapy include the treatment session, series or maintenance, bitemporal/right unilateral (BT/RUL) electrode placement, the therapeutic dose, the stimulation duration and current and the electroencephalographic (EEG) response. Since these parameters had not been recorded through Medanets before, they were tailored into the service to meet the unit’s needs.

Currently, the solution supports almost 200 parameters and this number continues to grow. In practice, most of the new parameters can be determined without any program changes. The limit values can be defined as well. 


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