Boost to the Development of the Medanets AdminUI Tool

Boost to the Development of the Medanets AdminUI Tool

In late 2016, Medanets started to develop a tool for the administration and reporting of its solutions to enable better management of the customer environment and faster service.

When hospitals and health centres are able to personalise their solutions, nursing does not have to be modified to meet the system, but rather the system can be modified to support the current nursing processes.

AdminUI is specifically designed for the administration and reporting of existing Medanets mobile solutions. It is not meant to replace features of the Electronic Health Recor but to allow the customer to use the mobile solutions autonomously. In addition to our customers, the tool is also used by the relevant partners on the customers’ behalf and by Medanets itself. Medanets AdminUI is currently used by seven healthcare organisations in Finland and Sweden.

In order to improve the tool and its user experience even further, we are expanding the resources for its further development.

Two Full Stack Web Developers

In early August, Kari Pönkkö and Mikko Karvonen joined Medanets under the title of full stack web developer. In other words, they will be writing code for our web user interface to enable comprehensive management of our customers’ environments.

Kari has been working in the industry for more than 20 years, and he has become well-versed in many different programming languages and techniques along the way. Furthermore, Kari’s passion for his field motivates him to expand his skills outside the office, as well.

Mikko was on the lookout for a new job where he could truly immerse himself in web programming. The opportunities offered by Medanets caught Mikko’s eye and brought him to us. Mikko describes himself as a computer enthusiast, and he has extensive experience in software planning as well as test automation.

After a couple of weeks on the job, these gentlemen have already got to know the product inside and out, and their work on its further development is off to a great start!


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