Christian Sjöblom joins the Medanets S&D team

Christian Sjöblom joins the Medanets S&D team

Our Service & Delivery team was strengthened at the start of the year when Christian Sjöblom joined Medanets. Christian, who speaks both Finnish and Swedish, will handle deployments and trainings and provide support for customers in Sweden and Finland.

Christian’s main responsibility is Swedish customers. The atmosphere has been encouraging in the first customer encounters. “At first, I was a little nervous about whether I would understand the Skåne dialect but it turns out I was worried for no reason. Communicating with our customers has been nice and easy,” Christian says.

In his work, Christian wants to encounter each customer as an individual. “If the customer is in a relaxed mood, so am I. If the customer feels like they are in a tight spot, I have an understanding approach and try to find the solution fast. The key thing is to handle all situations that come along in an appropriate and professional manner,” Christian states.

After about a month of working here, I feel like I made the right call joining Medanets. The atmosphere and colleagues are laid-back, which is important for me. I feel like I can develop my expertise massively!


With a degree in business information technology, Christian has 20 years of work experience in support, sales and network monitoring behind him. He transferred to Medanets after receiving a tip from an acquaintance about a position that would suit his expertise in an interesting company: Medanets was looking for a systems expert who had mastered Finnish and Swedish. “The role of a Service & Delivery Specialist seemed interesting, and when the interviews were nice and casual, I had the feeling that this is a good employer,” says Christian, explaining his first impressions.

What also attracted Christian to Medanets was the product that customers find genuinely important, as well as the opportunity to develop his expertise. Christian’s time in the new job and role has started off well, working primarily remotely from home. He pops by the Oulu office when necessary.


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