First recruitment in Norway: Yngve Hagerup to take care of our customers

First recruitment in Norway: Yngve Hagerup to take care of our customers

The educated nurse, equipped with long experience in the IT field, is excited to be in mobile health business and help former colleagues who do clinical work.

In the course of our international expansion, the time was right to hire our first own employee in Norway. Yngve Hagerup started as Medanets’ Sales Manager in August. He is based close to Oslo.

Yngve has a long experience in lightweight IT, and after working with different kind of medical devices for some time, he is excited to be back in the electronic and mobile health business. “I strongly feel that there is a clear need for solutions like Medanets all over the world, also in Norway. Because of the rising number of the elderly, we face a lack of workforce that we cannot solve by hiring new people – there is simply not enough staff available. We must create innovative technology and new ways of working to tackle the challenges that lie ahead”, he says.

As an educated nurse, I’m on a mission to create workflows that help healthcare professionals use their time with the patients.

Yngve Hagerup, Sales Manager, Medanets

Because of his background as a nurse, Yngve believes to know what kind of tools healthcare professionals need. The sociable “people’s person” loves conversations and finding ways to help and co-operate.

Welcome to the team, Yngve!


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