GDPR at Medanets

Medanets values the privacy of its partners, customers and employees and therefore agrees to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU.

The privacy of individuals has been at the heart of our solution design from the outset—in practice for more than ten years. A system enabling professionals to view and process patient data must be designed so that it can be accessed securely. With regard to GDPR in customer environments, Medanets is a user of the files in the Electronic Health Record, never storing permanently any clinical data or information that identifies the patient. Medanets is contractually obligated to take care of the personal data in the files it accesses.

Likewise, the data protection of Medanets employees must be taken into account, respecting the data protection of every one. We have mapped and checked all our files, which exist outside our products: for example, our partner and customer files. The files and their life cycles have been edited so that the content is in line with the rules defined in the new Data Protection Regulation. The internal processes of Medanets have also been reformed to meet the requirements. See our data protection description here.


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