Great Additions to the Medanets Team Bring New Viewpoints to Product Development and User Interface Design

Great Additions to the Medanets Team Bring New Viewpoints to Product Development and User Interface Design

The Medanets office situated in the Hiironen district of Oulu was expanded during 2018, providing double the amount of space compared with the previous premises. The added space has been put to good use since today Medanets already has 23 employees—including Ville, Marko and Hanna, who started working there this year.

Strong Expertise for Java Development

Ville Oikarinen was searching to belong somewhere as a coder and found his way to us at the turn of the year. Being a hard-core professional, Ville has plenty to give the agile software development model, as well as the software life cycle stages.

Ville is at his best working as a team builder, helping the team obtain the best possible developer experience and target its work with precision and agility by striving to achieve a good understanding about the actual needs of the end user. Ville also has many years of experience in certain kinds of healthcare industry software.

The Medanets team gave me a warm welcome and the teamwork began to run smoothly at once in a congenial atmosphere. I already learned all kinds of new things and had the opportunity to help solve some delicious problems.” —Ville Oikarinen

An Experienced Professional to Step up iOS Development

Marko Posio, an iOS professional, joined our ranks in January. Having versatile competence in the fields of mobile and backend development, Marko is a true agility professional, who is going to step up our iOS development.

Medanets gave me a warm, sincere welcome. It was easy to come and join this working community.” —Marko Posio

User Interface and Corporate Identity Gain a Fresh Look

Hanna Ahvensalmi, a user interface/user experience (UI/UX) designer, began working with us last week. Her job description includes taking the usability and appearance of our product usability to a new level by means of design, as well as strengthening the Medanets image in general. Previously, Hanna was working with a wide range of user interfaces and web sites, as well as corporate identity and conventional graphic design.

At Medanets, I get to work on an application that is useful to many people, ranging from nurses to patients. This gives our work meaning. The new challenges are inspiring and the crew is the nicest imaginable.” —Hanna Ahvensalmi


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