Increase in Remote Deployments of the Medanets App

Increase in Remote Deployments of the Medanets App

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the Medanets app can be deployed in a flexible way remotely. Remote deployments have been carried out throughout the spring and summer, both in terms of new features for existing customers and for completely new customers.

At Medanets, we are happy that our solutions can help support the valuable work nursing staff are doing. According to feedback received from our customers, our solutions have helped them greatly in treating patients suffering from COVID-19 and other diseases.

Positive feedback concerning remote deployments

As we have changed methods of implementation to suit the situation, we have been able to realise most of Medanets deployments as planned before the emergency circumstances. So far, we have agreed with our customers to provide training remotely. Customers have given us very positive feedback about remote deployments and training.

For instance, our solution was deployed remotely at Kuopio University Hospital, where the medication feature was added to the app in seven wards. User training was provided in April. Using the app to view and document a patient’s medication helps to make sure that the medication is correct and thus significantly improves patient security.

Nordland Hospital in the north of Norway placed us an urgent order in the spring: they needed to have the Medanets app for nurses as quickly as possible due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to intensive and multidisciplinary cooperation, the hospital was able to deploy the application completely remotely in two weeks. In addition, unnecessary risks of infection could be avoided. 

Although the solution was completely new to the customer, deployment succeeded very well with remote training. The customer had active contact people, and Medanets gave good instructions. We have had many online meetings concerning development ideas, and we have made changes rapidly according to the customer’s wishes.

Olli Järvinen, Service & Delivery Specialist, Medanets

Easy remote deployment using ordinary software and devices

User training is provided remotely, requiring no special software or devices. Customers only need to have a Teams or Skype connection, for example in the training room at their hospital, as well as a couple of smartphones with the Medanets app installed. In other respects, remote training corresponds to on-site training: Medanets provides continuous training sessions that nurses can take part in one by one or in groups of up to five people. User training takes 10–15 minutes per nurse.

Medanets instructors share the screen of their demo phone on a computer screen so that nurses undergoing training can see all the time what is happening. Often, there is a person from the customer’s IT management present to deal with any connection or other problems.

Centralised management for mobile solutions as additional support

Different kinds of mobile device management (MDM/EMM) solutions enhance remote deployment and reduce unnecessary contact. A centralised management solution together with the Managed Google Play store or Apple Business Manager make it possible to install the application and its settings on smartphones in different wards completely remotely. No action is required from end users to start using the app.


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