Medanets’ messaging solution in a successful pilot

Medanets’ messaging solution in a successful pilot

Medanets has carried out a successful pilot of its new feature during the autumn 2021. The pilot concerned the use of the messaging feature of the Medanets app at home-care and centralised service housing units for both nurse-nurse and nurse-doctor messaging.

In clinical work, there are many situations where it is important to get quick confirmation or have information dispatched to the right people. Unnecessary bottlenecks emerge if the information must be searched for by calling around or finding the right doctor. However, due to sensitive patient data, the instant messaging tools used by healthcare organisations must be specifically designed for clinical use.

Medanets has been developing the new feature together with its customers and now one of the pilots has been completed – with success!

“Well done, thank you for this!”

According to the feedback received from our pilot customer, real-time messaging has improved nursing consultation and the quality of care. The user experience has also been positive: based on a survey of users, the overall rating of the app was 9.4 and the recommendation index 76.

Nurses’ ability to cope at work improves when medical support is available quickly when needed. No longer is it necessary to queue on the phone for the health centre and wait for a call back. The quality of care also improves when residents do not have to be sent to the emergency room to queue.

During the pilot, Medanets also received significant development suggestions that will be taken into account in the further development of the feature. Among other things, the nurses hoped to be able to send photos to doctors.


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