“Medanets works well in every location” – Mikkeli Home Hospital in Finland uses the mobile solution when visiting patients

“Medanets works well in every location” – Mikkeli Home Hospital in Finland uses the mobile solution when visiting patients

Customers are surprised by how easy it is to transfer information.

Mikkeli Home Hospital provides hospital-level specialised medical care in the patient’s home. The team consists of six nurses and the home hospital’s nurse in charge. The services of physiotherapists, medical social workers and psychiatric nurses as well as home visits by a doctor may also be provided during the care period. The activities are led by a doctor.

At a home hospital, intravenous therapy is carried out, severe wounds and burns are treated, planned blood transfusions are done, cancer patients are treated and end-of-life care is provided in a home environment. This care replaces care provided in a hospital ward.

“In 2021, we have been making about 350 home hospital visits a month. The average number of visits per day is 12,” says Arja Rissanen, Mikkeli Home Hospital’s nurse in charge.

The mobile solution is reliable regardless of location

During home visits, the home hospital’s nurses use either the Medanets mobile app or a laptop. On a laptop, information is recorded in the Lifecare electronic health record. When information is recorded using the mobile app, the information is automatically transferred to the same electronic health record.

The app is felt to be more reliable than a laptop, since the strength of the internet connection varies depending on the geographic location of the home being visited. The Medanets app’s internet connection is set up using an APN connection. An APN connection works in any location that has a functioning mobile network. In comparison, other connection types may have poorer network coverage in some areas.

Medanets works well in every location. There are sometimes problems with laptops, as the internet connection may stop working in some areas.

a nurse from the home hospital team

Nurses mainly use the EWS feature of the Medanets app to record patients’ vital sign measurements.

Medanets makes it easier to record vital signs.

a nurse from the home hospital team

The home hospital team’s work is mobile and situations change quickly. This means that it is often more convenient to use a smartphone app that fits in your pocket instead of opening a laptop. Furthermore, a tool that has been optimised for a workstation is not a perfect fit for a laptop. “On a laptop, the summary of the EHR is very small, and it’s difficult to use it in a small view,” says a nurse from the home hospital team. The Medanets app, on the other hand, displays all of the most important information, and its view is optimised for a small smartphone. Recording information with the app is quick and easy.

Customers’ reactions to the use of the mobile app have been positive. “During home visits, customers have mainly expressed surprise at how easy it is to transfer information and use Medanets,” says Rissanen.


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