Mobile Point-of-Care Application Enthusiastically Received at Hatanpää Hospital

Mobile Point-of-Care Application Enthusiastically Received at Hatanpää Hospital

The Pirkanmaa Hospital District has used Medanets app since 2011. When Hatanpää Hospital became part of the Tampere University Hospital at the beginning of 2018, the use of the mobile point-of-care app was also expanded to include Hatanpää.

Five wards in Hatanpää Hospital have been using the Medanets app for roughly a month now, recording an astonishing 39,000 mobile entries in that time. This means more than 150 hours of time savings each month for each ward.

Medanets features Observation values and Early Warning Score (EWS) were introduced in the wards. What brings time savings for nursing is the possibility to transfer patient data directly to the Electronic Health Record using the app on a smart device. There is no need for care staff to leave the patient room and go to the ward office to enter the measured values – or even just to view them. When implementing an EWS-scoring with the solution, it automatically calculates the total EWS-score and displays the corresponding operating guidelines to the care staff. Read more on EWS here.

A Step Towards Direct Nursing

The new technology was enthusiastically received by Hatanpää Hospital wards. The utility of the solution was an instant hit among staff, as the large number of entries clearly revealed. Based on the feedback received from the wards, the solution has been introduced as a tool that supports nursing – not as an extra work.

The implemented mobile solution is a step towards direct nursing when care is done next to the patient instead of at the office.

According to the care staff, the benefits of the solution also motivate them – the work become easier, more time is left for the patient care and the patient safety improves. The ward personnel are already looking forward to the future new features of the app that will further support nursing. The use of the solution will also be extended to other wards in Hatanpää.


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