Medanets Expands to Sweden – More Time for Patients in Västra Götaland

Medanets Expands to Sweden – More Time for Patients in Västra Götaland

In the region of Västra Götaland (VGR), healthcare works smartly with digital solutions. Patient data is registered directly via a smartphone, which reduces the time for administration and gives the care staff more time for the patient. The VGR is the first in Sweden to work like this.

When the Medanets mobile solution was introduced to healthcare, both the patient’s and the employee’s experience improved, while administration decreased and patient safety increased. In VGR, over 120 care departments are already using the mobile solution. The effects have been positive and immediate.

More time for the patient

During the first few months since VGR started using the solution, error documentations reduced by 75%, releasing 70 hours per department each month. The time is used instead to meet the patient. The solution includes real-time updates to the Electronic Health Record, which means that the right decision can be made at the right time. When patient data was manually registered, the statistics showed that the delay between measurement time and registration was around 25 minutes. Now, VGR is continuing with and connecting all departments – around 250 in total.

Collaboration for increased quality

The solution has been developed by VGR’s journal system supplier, Cerner, with the Finnish company Medanets. Similar solutions are used by more than 30 hospitals and health centres in Finland. Together, Cerner and Medanets have created a solution that facilitates nurses’ everyday life and increases patient safety.

“It’s amazingly exciting that we’ve found an innovative solution that makes a difference to healthcare,” says Ann-Sofie Ardfelt, head of department for VGR IT Healthcare system.

An important request from healthcare professionals has been to work with documentation near the patient so that they can focus on the patient rather than administration. The use of smartphones (both Apple IOS and Android) has saved valuable time that can instead be devoted to patient care. The time released so far for patient work is, according to VGR’s own calculations, over 5,000 hours per month.


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