Our Product Development Team Gains New Members to Support Growth

Our Product Development Team Gains New Members to Support Growth

In order to keep up with the progress, Medanets has to ensure the scalability of both technology and personnel. As a result during April, the Medanets product development team gained leading expertise in the form of two software designers.

As the use of Medanets solutions expands both in Finland and elsewhere in Scandinavia, it is important for our product development team to stay a step ahead of growth at all times. The scalability of our solutions is becoming increasingly significant for our operations since it is our objective to offer our mobile solutions to health care professionals around the world. In order to enable this, we are constantly developing our processes and utilising the newest technology.

In addition to scalability, the functionality of our mobile solutions is increasing based on development ideas coming from our customers and the solution user community, adapting to the needs of health care professionals. For all of this, we need a first-rate product development team. We already have such a team, but in order to keep up with the progress we are constantly seeking more motivated people to join our operations. During the past month, we found two new software designers for our product development team and would now like to extend a warm hand of welcome to both of them.

Mika Ryynänen began with us as an iOS software designer. This marked the beginning of a new era for Medanets. Our solution runs mainly via Android, but we are bringing in iOS after the summer. This will allow our customers to choose their mobile devices freely while we can focus on developing the solution. Having 18 years of experience in software design, Mr. Ryynänen has great motivation to achieve solutions that are the best possible ones from the user’s point of view.

“Medanets provides excellent products and services with a great attitude,” Mr. Ryynänen says. “It was easy to join a group that knows its business like this one does and get to work on interesting tasks quickly.”

Jari Bisi, in turn, began at Medanets as a software designer with a variety of ICT work experience accumulated over more than 17 years. He says one of his goals is to make life easier for the users of the solutions he develops and to transfer “unnecessary” work to the data terminal.

“I began working just when the office was being refurbished, which meant having the close atmosphere of substitute premises situated in the conference rooms. My new co-workers received me well, however, and I was able to get to work on the program straight away without any corporate bureaucracy,” Mr. Bisi says. “The Medanets product itself is even more comprehensive than I had anticipated and I’m excited about getting to develop the company’s own product. This is a product that brings true benefit to caretakers and hospitals.”



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