Patient’s latest laboratory results with the press of a button – doctors’ workflow will become more efficient

Patient’s latest laboratory results with the press of a button – doctors’ workflow will become more efficient

Medanets is implementing an integration with Fimlab’s laboratory system. Following the integration, doctors will be able to view laboratory test results recorded in Fimlab via the Medanets app. Doctors can walk into a patient’s room with a phone in their pocket and check the patient’s latest laboratory results with the press of a button.

Laboratory results always available

Most of the clinical decisions made by doctors are based on the results of laboratory tests. In other words, doctors view laboratory results often. When doctors are providing care to patients via a computer, they can easily view laboratory results on the same computer. However, when doctors are on the move, their workflow will be more efficient if they can carry the information they need in their pocket.

The Medanets mobile app retrieves laboratory results from Fimlab’s system automatically and almost in real time. In the app, laboratory results are shown on the Patient Card. The doctor can select a patient, open the Patient Card and view the laboratory results in chronological order. Laboratory results can also be filtered, which makes it easier to see the overall trend. For example, the doctor can filter for the patient’s blood values and assess recent changes in those values.

Laboratory results can also be utilised along with the Medanets app’s other features. For example, the app retrieves the variables that are used in sepsis screening automatically from the laboratory system. This way, sepsis is detected earlier and screening is more effective.

The solution also benefits nurses

Being able to view laboratory results on a mobile device is especially beneficial for doctors, but nurses also benefit from the solution. Nurses can use the app to check whether the patient’s laboratory results are ready and make preparations on the basis of the results. For example, nurses can start preparing for the patient’s discharge if the results are within the reference range.

Medanets can also implement integrations with other laboratory systems. There are also Electronic Health Records (such as Lifecare and Millennium) that include a laboratory system.  Medanets customers that use these EHRs can start using Medanets’ Patient Card feature right away.


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