Seinäjoki City Hospital to Use Medanets

Seinäjoki City Hospital to Use Medanets

Seinäjoki City Hospital is to start using Medanets on all wards. The plan is to launch the mobile solution before the summer holidays.

Marita Kojola, Chief Nursing Officer at Seinäjoki City Hospital, says that the decision to acquire Medanets was based on a number of factors. However, the most significant was that nurses would have access to a system whose use would enable them to document observation values significant for treatment directly and securely in the Electronic Health Record. As a result, there will be no double entries, and physicians will also have access to data more quickly.

“Our goal is to improve nursing quality and patient safety.”

The atmosphere in Seinäjoki is expectant.

We expect the new documentation procedure to make nurses’ work easier, increase patient safety and improve treatment quality. The NEWS feature gives us a tool with which we can easily obtain a clear overview of patients’ vital functions.

Marita Kojola, Chief Nursing Officer, Seinäjoki City Hospital


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