Sepsis screening with the help of Medanets app

Sepsis screening with the help of Medanets app

The EWS feature of the Medanets app helps to identify a patient’s deteriorating condition immediately. The feature leverages previously recorded EWS scores and observations to provide summaries and trends. Workflow clinical decision prompts can be customised to guide the user in decision making and the next steps.

As part of the NEWS process, the Medanets solution can present key sepsis screening questions to the end user. It enables early detection and improved efficiency of sepsis screening by looking for key qualifiers like AKI, lactate and other measures in the background to help the user to make a better-informed decision at point-of-care.

The sepsis screening process and escalation algorithm are embedded in the NEWS workflow to help improve compliance to screening and reduce triage-to-intervention time. The questions are configurable to accommodate local process.

Medanets Sepsis Screening


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