Sneak Peek: How can Medanets assist doctors?

Sneak Peek: How can Medanets assist doctors?

Our app is particularly well-known as a tool for nurses. Focusing on the needs of a single user group has, in fact, been the key to our success. However, as our mobile solution evolves, it will also provide new user groups, such as doctors, with added value.

Talks with our customers have brought up several situations in which Medanets also benefits doctors. We picked a few of them here.


The doctor can start the day by looking at the overall situation of the ward and the number of critical patients on the app dashboard. The summary view sorted by EWS scores indicates at a glance who should be seen first.

medanets dashboard doctors


During patient rounds, the question of the patient’s recent values emerges often. The doctor can view their trends. With a mobile device carried in a pocket, they are easy to check, and the most recent real-time data is certainly used.

Used together or separately, the graphs and the dashboard support understanding the overall situation. They allow even quicker reactions to any changes in the patient’s condition than before.

medanets graphs doctors


With our instant messaging solution, information is relayed between professionals in real time. The doctor can consult diverse specialists, support the nurses in their work or request they carry out the necessary tasks.

medanets messaging doctors


The doctor often acts as the head of a team that completes a checklist, such as prior to surgery. Mobile checklists make communication within the multi-disciplinary team easier and clarify the distribution of responsibilities.

medanets checklists doctors


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