Sneak Peek: Secure instant messaging solution for healthcare professionals

Sneak Peek: Secure instant messaging solution for healthcare professionals

Many healthcare organisations in Finland and abroad have prohibited the use of instant messaging tools designed for consumer use, such as WhatsApp. Services aimed at organisations, such as Teams, are also often blacklisted.

The bans are caused by information security concerns: no patient-related data may be forwarded through these services. Thus, it is in no way a question of instant messaging not being suited for use in healthcare otherwise. On the contrary, there is also a real need for it.

Medanets instant messaging

When is WhatsApp-type instant messaging needed in clinical work?

In clinical work, there are lots of situations in which it is essential to get quick confirmation or have information relayed to the right people. Unnecessary bottlenecks emerge in care if the information must be searched for by calling around or finding the right doctor.

  • “The patient’s X-rays were OK, he can be discharged!”
  • “How much fluids can be given to the patient?”
    • “Maximum fluid amount 1,200 ml.”

Orders and instructions are relayed faster with instant messaging.

  • “Hemofec x 3.”
  • “Remember that anticoagulants must not be given during today’s haemodialysis.”

Instant messages can also be useful in day-to-day workplace situations.

  • “Where’s our ultrasound scanner?”
  • “I’ll go get something to eat now!”
  • “The ER needs someone from us to attend their meeting at 10:30. Who will go?”

Benefits of an instant messaging solution designed for clinical work

The need is therefore obvious. However, what could help when the services known from other contexts cannot be used? The solution is a secure instant messaging tool designed from scratch for healthcare professionals.

Medanets’ messaging feature is, like the rest of the solution, a CE-marked medical device. This means that its quality and safety is guaranteed. Its usability and functioning are excellent in the offline mode should the network be down. Messages are not stored at any point on the device with which the messaging solution is used.

Close integration with the features used for care work facilitates smooth patient-oriented communication and attaching care information to messages. For example, you can send photos or screenshots of the most recent values, trend views or graphs.

First customers in Finland and Norway are piloting the messaging solution during spring and early summer.

See also what our customers consider to be the key elements in an instant messaging tool used for clinical work!


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