Special Interest Group (m-SIG) on mobility planned!

Special Interest Group (m-SIG) on mobility planned!

Are you interested in enabling improvements in healthcare using mobile technology? Would you like to get ideas on how to make the needed organisational changes happen? Please express your interest to join our Special Interest Group on Mobility (m-SIG) to share, learn & collaborate! 

Our aim is to provide you – our customers – a platform to share topics related to mobile processes with your fellows. The m-SIG meetings will be led by a chair elected among the clients and facilitated by Medanets on Teams. We will try to find a time that suits most people who would like to come along. You can participate in the meetings in a flexible way, as it fits your own calendar.

In each m-SIG meeting, there will be an opportunity for short presentations on your stories, like your achievements, challenges, or ideas, followed by discussion. As participants, you are invited to shape the collaboration as it suits you best.

Got interested? Please tell us about it! We will be in touch with everyone who expresses their interest to work out the details. We are looking forward to fruitful exchange of thoughts!


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