Updates to the Admin UI administration and reporting tool

Updates to the Admin UI administration and reporting tool

Improved administration of the Medanets environment and faster service? Yes, please! We have updated our Admin UI tool with a view to making our solutions even more adaptable to different needs and practices.

Managing the deployment of a new feature

Even within a single hospital, the workflows and needs vary between wards. With Admin UI, our customers – or partners acting on behalf of the customer – can control which Medanets features are visible in each ward and how. This enables a ward-specific customisation of the app to serve needs of individual wards better.

Example: A hospital acquires the Medanets Clinical forms feature. The individual risk assessment needs of each ward are mapped out before deployment, to be used as the basis for ward-specific clinical forms for risk assessment. One ward needs to assess the risks of ulcer and falling, while the other needs sepsis screening, activities of daily living (ADL) assessment and symptom analysis.

Features and views by role

The role of the healthcare professional also affects which Medanets features and views they need in their work. In addition to ward-specific customisation, the Medanets environment can also be customised by role after the update.

Example: Each user is assigned a role when their username is activated, and each role is specified with certain views and features in the Admin UI tool. The same Medanets app will look different for a nurse and for a doctor. For example, nurses do not need the dictation feature, which is a major part of the daily work of doctors. It is also possible to display worklists that are based on orders across the hospital only to specific roles.


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