Impact of possible power cuts on Medanets services

Impact of possible power cuts on Medanets services

Fingrid, Finland’s transmission system operator, has called for provisions to be made for power cuts caused by the potential electricity shortage during the winter. We at Medanets have also taken precautionary measures.

When do power cuts occur?

An electricity shortage occurs when electricity consumption exceeds electricity production and imports. In order to supply enough electricity in such a situation, Fingrid may have to ask electricity distribution areas to reduce electricity consumption, after which they are disconnected on a rotational basis, each for some two hours at a time. Fingrid will endeavor to plan and communicate the power cuts in advance, but cuts may also be unplanned.1

How do power cuts affect Medanets services and customers?

The Medanets mobile solution works with servers located in the customer’s own data center. In the event of a power cut on the customer organisation’s premises, the customer’s own backup systems will take care of their operation.

Especially in the Oulu region, a power cut may delay the handling of support requests sent to Medanets.

How is Medanets prepared for power cuts?

We have tried to prepare for power cuts so that we can respond to support requests as quickly as possible, even during power cuts. The systems required for responding to support requests, located at the Medanets office, are protected by backup power sources. Efforts have been made to ensure the operation of the office network connections through a separate mobile connection.

For more information, please contact the Medanets Helpdesk:
tel. +358 45 277 2747 (Mon-Fri from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. UTC +2)

1.–suomalaisten-on-hyva-varautua-sahkopulan-aiheuttamiin-mahdollisiin-sahkokatkoihin/, cited 14 December 2022


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