Medanets & Hospital District of Northern Savonia

Medanets mobile point-of-care app, functioning via smartphone, was piloted at the Kuopio University Hospital in 2017, and following positive feedback from the user community it will be introduced across the University Hospital. They introduce several Medanets app features at once.

The Kuopio University Hospital ended up shifting to mobile patient data browsing and recording in order to streamline the work flow and improve both patient safety and care quality.

The mobile point-of-care app is beneficial to the care staff, but also to physicians and special workers as physiological measurement values are immediately available for the decision-making process.

Päivi Kokkonen, Development manager, the Hospital District of Northern Savonia

Time savings of 600 hours each month

Kuopio University Hospital introduced several different app features at once. These features include observation values, Early Warning Score (EWS) and monitored patients.

Ms. Kokkonen observes that functional planning and training are required of all introductions and that this applies, for example, to the introduction of EWS as well. It is not advisable to let the system lead, but an easy way of documentation does motivate the introduction of the system.

The app has been well used at the Kuopio University Hospital from the very beginning with a great number of entries made at the units. More than 50,000 mobile entries are recorded monthly, which means more than 600 hours of time saved every month. With data immediately available and more care time left, nurses can respond to any sudden changes in the patient’s condition more rapidly than before. Thus, the patient can be given the right care at the right time.