Medanets & Satakunta Hospital District

Satakunta Hospital District, Pori Region, introduced Medanets app for nurses in 2015. The introduction of Medanets has made risk assessments a significant part of daily patient care.

Utilisation rate of 100 percent

Today, the Medanets app is being used across the Satakunta Central Hospital. Mobile documentation reduces incorrect entries significantly, streamlines care processes as double entries are eliminated, and ensures that the data is always up to date and available to all users.

The implementations have been successful on schedule and within budget. The solutions are being used actively, in practice, with an utilisation rate of 100 percent.

Leena Ollonqvist, CIO, Satakunta Hospital District.

Nursing is simplified as the nurse is able to perform more and more information-intensive tasks on the same mobile device. The mobile device goes along with the nurse, leaving more time to interact with the patient.

Mobile risk assessment forms help nurses

The clinical forms feature developed by Medanets together with its customers makes risk assessments straightforward: it can calculate any risk score supported by the EHR interactively, display instructions for the nurse immediately, and document the risk score in the patient’s record in the EHR.

Kristiina Holm, who works as a nurse at the Satakunta Central Hospital, says that the introduction of Medanets has made risk assessments a significant part of daily patient care thanks to its ease of use and the guidance provided.

A clear review of the classification (such as Braden scale and NRS 2002 screening) helps the nurse consider the right areas in the patient’s care, such as better nutrition or a new mattress. It guides care without needing extra time – on the contrary, it does away with extra steps. This is a great help in my work!

Kristiina Holm, Nurse, Satakunta Central Hospital

Previously, according to Holm, they have carried out risk assessments manually. Risk assessments were open to interpretation and information was difficult to find later, it was not practical at all

I have worked at my current ward in the Heart Unit for two years now, and from what I have seen, no patients have suffered from pressure ulcers at our ward. We are very active Braden users and we respond to situations immediately, which is why we have an excellent track record when it comes to pressure ulcers.

Kristiina Holm, Nurse, Satakunta Central Hospital