The Wellbeing Services County of Kainuu

The documentation needs in primary healthcare are similar to those of a central hospital, resulting in the introduction of Medanets’ solution for nurses not only at Kainuu Central Hospital but also in the primary healthcare units in Kajaani, Sotkamo, Suomussalmi and Kuhmo. The features used in Kainuu are Medanets Observation values, Monitored patients, Early Warning Score (EWS) and Clinical forms (Braden, NRS-2002, FRAT).

Improving patient safety with Clinical forms and EWS

The Medanets app was introduced in the wellbeing services county of Kainuu in 2015. The aim was to improve patient safety and make operations more efficient with the mobile app.

Here in Kainuu, we are delighted with the solution Medanets has provided. Bedside documentation of any nursing work carried out improves patient safety and significantly streamlines operations. Our implementation project has gone extremely well, not to mention running fully to schedule. Medanets has proven to be a great, reliable partner.

Veijo Romppainen, CIO, wellbeing services county of Kainuu

The Clinical forms feature helps make nursing work more efficient and makes it easier to identify risks. With the EWS feature, healthcare professionals are provided with key information on changes in patients’ condition, allowing them to intervene earlier than before.

Observation values and Monitored patients make it easier to provide appropriate treatment

The Medanets app allows for the standardisation of care, regardless of where the patient is being treated – the same information is available at any time, anywhere. Care is also made safer, thanks to nearly real-time health records being available to help staff ensure they are providing the right treatment at the right time. With the Observation values feature, entries made by a nurse can be seen immediately by other members of the care team, and changing situations can be reacted to rapidly.

Use of the app can also reduce the number of incorrect entries made, for example as the Monitored patients feature allows for clinical observations to be transferred directly from the patient monitor to the Electronic Health Record. Thanks to the introduction of the solution, professionals now have more time to focus on patient care – with over 120 hours a month saved on some wards.