The Wellbeing Services County of Kanta-Häme – Oma Häme

Oma Häme, one of Medanets’ first clients, has been using the Medanets app since 2011. The mobile app was first introduced on the acute neurology ward. Since then, use of the app has been expanded to ten hospital wards and a rehabilitation centre. All of these units use Medanets’ Observation values and Early Warning Score (EWS) features. The majority of the wards also use the Clinical forms feature, and two of the wards at the Central Hospital also use the Monitored patients feature.

The implementation went fantastically, and we got the support we needed, when we needed it. Our negotiations with Medanets also went well, they were flexible about having meetings via Skype when we needed to make changes to the plans.

Marja Koljonen, Head Nurse, Oma Häme

Immediate access to health records

Thanks to the app, patient information and observations are documented and submitted to the Electronic Health Record with a mobile device immediately, without even having to leave the patient’s room. This helps care staff increase the efficiency and accuracy of their documentation, while also giving nurses and doctors immediate access to health records.

Positive feedback from nurses

In my 30-year career as a nurse, Medanets has been the biggest and most significant advance in making nursing easier.

Nurse Outi Heinilä, Oma Häme

“Significantly speeds up documenting patients’ vitals – saves nurses’ time.”

“Happy with the new device – the Android device fits really well in the hand.”

“It’s good for assessment and reaction where needed, as it shows you the patient’s previous vitals.”

“Makes things easier as all the measured parameters can be chosen in a ‘single block’, and the solution requests the values in order, which saves time.”

“You can add additional information in text format to measured values quickly and easily, for example, adding the oxygen flow rate to a saturation level.”

Easy to use – and quick to learn (for example, a new nurse who had come to help us out from the psychiatric ward learned how to use it right away).

“The patient list that the device holds based on the measurements recorded in the app is great – really speeds up our work.”

“We have enough devices to ensure we can use them flexibly.”