The Wellbeing Services County of North Savo

The Medanets app was piloted at Kuopio University Hospital in 2017. Following positive feedback from the users, it was introduced throughout the whole campus of the University Hospital and at Varkaus Hospital. The wellbeing services county of North Savo introduced a number of different features right from the start.

Kuopio University Hospital uses the Observation values, Early Warning Score (EWS), Monitored patients and Medication features. In addition, Medanets Clinical Forms are used at Varkaus Hospital.

Observation values available to nursing staff immediately

Kuopio University Hospital switched to using the mobile app for browsing patient health records and documentation in order to streamline workflows and improve both patient safety and the quality of care. Thanks to Medanets Observation values, health records are now available to the whole care team without delay. Nurses enter measurement results into the Electronic Health Record using the mobile app right from the patient’s bedside. The solution has saved nurses time, reduced errors in entries made, and quickly made information available to doctors too.

The mobile app intended for nursing work benefits not just nursing staff but also doctors and specialists, as the physiological measurement values are available right away for use in decision making processes.

Päivi Kokkonen, Head of Development, the wellbeing services county of North Savo

EWS and Monitored patients features allow staff to react faster to changes in a patient’s condition

The app has been put to good use at Kuopio University Hospital, with around 351,000 mobile entries made each month, which equates to monthly time savings of almost 4,500 hours. With more time available for care and information available immediately, any changes to a patient’s condition can be intervened in faster, ensuring they are provided with the right care at the right time. For example, the Medanets EWS and Monitored patients features make it easier to react to changes in the patietnt’s condition.

“All implementations require operational planning and training, and the introduction of predictive scores relating to patients’ conditions, such as EWS, was no exception. While you cannot simply let the system take charge, it does provide an easy way to carry out documentation and this proved to be a powerful motivator for adopting the system,” states Kokkonen.

Taking medication safety to a new level

Kuopio University Hospital also uses the Medanets mobile app to ensure safer medication administrations. The Medanets Medication feature provides nurses with nearly real-time information to their smartphone about the right medication, dosage, timing, route of administration and patient. This follows the WHO’s ‘five rights’ principle. Nurses can first identify the right patient by scanning the patient ID wristband and then work their way through the rest of the ‘five rights list’. Administration entries are immediately saved in the Electronic Health Record.

Thanks to the Medanets Medication solution, the impact of pharmacotherapy provided can be assessed in greater detail, as entries about medication dosages are made right away and the information is available faster to different groups of professionals.