The Wellbeing Services County of South Karelia

The wellbeing services county of South Karelia adopted Medanets’ mobile solutions with the Observation values feature and wristband management in 2012. Back then, the devices used were Windows Mobile PDA devices. Since then, the devices have changed, the solution has been updated to use Android, wristband management operations have been expanded, and new mobile solutions have been adopted. The organisation is now using Medanets Observation Values, Monitored patients and Early Warning Score (EWS) features.

Widely-used mobile solutions save time

The services county is continuously overhauling and developing its operating practices using mobile solutions. Currently, Medanets’ mobile app for nursing is used throughout South Karelia Central Hospital.

The features used by the services county, namely Observation values, EWS and Monitored patients, speed up nurses’ work and increase the time spent with patients. Documenting and browsing health records on a mobile device reduces the amount of time spent walking back and forth between patients’ rooms and the office, as well as time spent on computers. Correspondingly, the amount of time spent with patients increases. Every month, more than 140,000 entries are made using the Medanets app, collectively saving nurses approximately 120 hours a month and allowing time previously spent on documenting to be dedicated to other tasks.

Detecting deteriorations in a patient’s condition in time using EWS

The mobile connection to the Electronic Health Record and the time savings this offers allow for patients’ conditions to be monitored even more thoroughly. Observation values measured can also automatically be given an EWS, which helps identify patients whose condition is deteriorating acutely. This is particularly important in instances where there are no other outward signs of a deterioration in condition.

The Medanets app provides the nurse with clinical guidelines set by the hospital for the patient’s risk category.

Once the change in condition has been spotted, the care the patient needs can be started without delay.

Identifying patients electronically

The services county also uses Medanets’ wristband management solution on the majority of the Central Hospital’s wards, as well as in the municipal health stations of the surrounding areas. The writsband management solution is also used with Medanets’ mobile solutions for identifying patients electronically. This helps ensure that observations and measurements are added to the right individual’s record in the EHR.