Clinical forms

The clinical forms feature allows easy bedside nursing documentation

Traditional clinical documentation is often repetitive. The process of populating assessments within the Electronic Health Record takes valuable time that could be devoted to caring for patients. This feature makes nursing processes more efficient and enhances the experience for the personnel and the patient. The feature allows the nurse to identify risks at the bedside, reducing adverse events and costs.

The workflow guides the nurse step by step and derives a risk score at the end of the process, prompting instructions for decision support. It enables evidence-based assessments to be implemented at bedside, avoiding variance in care and improving patient outcomes.

Our core offering includes scales for predicting pressure ulcer risk (Braden), nutritional risk screening (NRS 2002, MNA), and the Falls Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT). Other examples of assessments that work in our app are GDS30, AUDIT65, AUDIT C, PAINAD, BDI21, and CAM.

Our forms have embedded conditional logic capability. Score forms and instructions can also be customised according to your needs.