Early Warning Score (EWS)

The EWS feature helps to identify a patient’s deteriorating condition immediately, which saves lives.

The Early Warning Score (EWS) feature allows the implementation of the latest evidence-based score to help identify a deterioration in the patient’s condition more efficiently, permitting quicker interventions and saving lives. The feature leverages previously recorded EWS scores and observations to provide summaries and trends. Workflow clinical decision prompts can be customised to guide the user in decision making and the next steps.

The Medanets app supports all EWS models, which can be easily customised to comply with the needs of your healthcare region, hospital and different wards. Our offering has preconfigured EWS models used in the NHS (UK), such as the National EWS (NEWS), National EWS version 2 (NEWS2), Modified EWS (MEWS) and Maternal EWS (MEOWS) models, as well as Paediatric EWS (PEWS) scales customised for children of different ages.