Observation values

Implementing the observation values feature on an inpatient ward gives up to 100 hours of extra time for actual nursing.

The observation values feature eliminates duplicate entries and frees up nursing staff’s time for the most important thing, which is caring for patients. Implementing the feature has proven to release around 100 more working hours per month and per inpatient ward, and decreases error in documenting observations by 75 per cent.

Seamless integration with the Electronic Health Record enables the nurse to document the vitals or measurements directly in the patient’s record with minimal effort. The immediate availability of the observations for clinical decision support for all the patient’s key healthcare providers enables better information access and accelerated responses if the patient deteriorates.

Currently, more than 200 different parameters are documented in the Nordics. Our mobile app can include an unlimited number of parameters for flexibility. It’s also possible to document a patient’s COVID-19 status. The observation parameters included in the app are customisable according to individual customer needs, such as by ward.