EWS improves patient’s prognosis

Up to 80% of in-hospital adverse events are preceded by hours of critical disorders of the basic vital functions. Electronic EWS improves the patient's prognosis.


Nordland hospitals save time and improve quality with Checklists

Transforming the checklist procedures from paper to mobile is on-going at the Nordland hospitals. All lists that are filled in and saved on mobile are directly transferred to the DIPS electronic health record, also when the list is not yet complete.

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Mobile medication administration in Central Finland

The goal of the mobile medication administration in the Central Finland Health Care District is to increase the safety of pharmacotherapy, promote the closed loop medication process in pharmacotherapy practices

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Organisational changes in healthcare, part 3: Supporting change

More consistent practices mean more impactful activities. But what does it require? How to promote the use of the new solution in the organisation? Many of our customers’ presentations at Medanets User Days in April touched on this topic.


Clinical forms are renewed!

Our Clinical forms solution has taken major steps forward. It is smarter, more versatile and customisable!