2023 User Days in Helsinki

An international group of Medanets customers gathered together to exchange experiences and greetings.


Jouko Vesterinen joined the Medanets crew

Server development expert Jouko Vesterinen joined Medanets’ S&D team in January. At Medanets, his official title is Service & Delivery Administrator.


What to Do When the Electronic Health Record Goes Down?

Electronic Health Records have enabled significant change to the healthcare system as patient data can be found in aggregated electronic form instead of among piles of paper. But what happens when such systems crash? Will the whole foundation of patient safety crash?


Real-Time Data Is Vital to Patient Safety

In order to ensure high quality of treatment and patient safety, the nursing staff must have the required information present exactly when it is needed. This means immediate access to vital information related to the patient’s care. The information must also be adequately comprehensive, unambiguous and ready to use.

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Impact of possible power cuts on Medanets services

Fingrid, Finland’s transmission system operator, has called for provisions to be made for power cuts caused by the potential electricity shortage during the winter. We at Medanets have also taken precautionary measures.


The pain of documentation

A concise 12-page e-book compiles facts and figures concerning the challenges of documentation in nursing and provides solutions for documentation bottlenecks.