Medanets users get together in Tampere

Medanets users get together in Tampere

Valuable information and experiences were once again shared at Medanets User Days, an event now turned international for the first time. The snowy weather of early April provided the perfect backdrop.

The fourth Medanets User Days was organised in Tampere 6–7 April 2022. After a two-year pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were pleasantly surprised by the large number of participants. The event was attended by more than 50 people from more than 20 organisations and four countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway and the UK. Despite the snowstorm in Tampere, spirits were high, and some participants even stepped outdoors to make snow angels!

Feedback from the participants highlighted that, above all, Medanets User Days provided an opportunity to share experiences and learn new things. This is because our app can be used in slightly different ways, depending on the hospital and the country. Veteran participants of the event particularly praised it for its new international aspects and broader perspective.

“I’m sure everyone who attended learned something useful from the other participants”

According to the feedback, the best part of the event was the chance to network. It also helped the participants better understand what the app might enable them to accomplish in the future.

“I had the chance to discover and try out features that my organisation isn’t using yet. Networking was definitely one of the highlights of the event,” said one participant in their feedback. “I’m sure everyone who attended learned something useful from the other participants,” said another participant.

The feedback also highlighted the wonderful dinner in Restaurant Näsinneula, as well as the relaxed and warm atmosphere.

I enjoyed the discussions. While the topics were given to us by the organisers, discussions in the small groups felt natural and informal. The event did not focus exclusively on the substance of the presentation topics but included some relaxed sections as well. This is always a good idea when working life can be hectic; taking a small break from all the hustle and bustle.

We were especially pleased to hear that the event met with the participants’ expectations; the presentations were interesting and everyone learned something new. The participants also considered it likely that they would take part again and also recommend the event to others.

See you at User Days next year!

We will also take into consideration all the constructive feedback when planning next year’s event. After having to wait for two whole years, there was so much we wanted to talk about and, as observed by the participants, our programme was quite full. Many people would have liked more breaks in the programme.

We wish to thank all the participants for attending and providing feedback. You mean a lot to us.


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