Plus one – Janne Taipale joined our team

Plus one – Janne Taipale joined our team

The new face at our office is Janne Taipale who joined our team as a Test Developer. Janne is an experienced mobile test automation expert and has experience in a wide range of tasks related to automate testing, test scripting, test automation tool development and testing laboratories. Janne is unprompted, creative and well suited to our team! He holds a bachelor’s degree in information technology, in addition to this he is also studying nursing.

“Training periods in different wards during my healthcare studies helped me to realise that there must be some digital care solutions which could make nurses’ work a little bit easier. Medanets solutions were not available in those wards. I was looking for a job for a while where I could utilise somehow my recent healthcare studies and my former test automation related work experience. In that sense, the job advertisement of Medanets sounded very interesting and I decided to apply.

After working a month at Medanets my feelings have become stronger we are doing right and useful things to healthcare area. Atmosphere at the work place is very good and everyone seems to have strong will to work which affect positively to quality of our services. One of the best things is that you can learn always something new due to variety of different tasks. And you can ask help from colleagues when needed,” tells Janne.

Janne’s knowledge and experience in both technology and healthcare brings us more know-how and pragmatic approaches. Furthermore, an extra pair of hands is more than welcome in order to keep improving our solutions systematically.


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