Soite Access to Medanets Mobile Documentation

Medanets and the Central Ostrobothnia Joint Municipal Authority for Social and Health Care (Soite, Kokkola Region) have concluded a contract covering the introduction of mobile documentation. The first units have already begun to use the solution.

The Soite Surgical Unit was the first of the units to introduce Medanets mobile point-of-care documentation in July of 2017. Later in the autumn, the solution was introduced to four other special healthcare units. “The implementation was successful in cooperation with Medanets, who trained nurses on the spot in the wards. Nurses’ experiences on the mobile documentation have been mainly positive,” says Satu Tikkanen, Data protection officer of Soite.

Patient safety is expected to improve and operations to become more efficient when the observation values and other patient data can now be browsed and recorded immediately while caring for the patient. The real-time connection between the Medanets solutions and the Effica patient information system also guarantees better decision-making support in accordance with the latest patient data.

“It’s good to continue our cooperation from here on. Our plan is to expand the use of mobile documentation to general medical units in 2018,” states Tikkanen.



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